The band’s history began at the dawn of the 2000s, in this time the collective consisted of 4 persons: 2 guitars, vocal and drums. The main subject matter of the music was the gloomy side of Slavic paganism. Speedy overdriven guitars, ragged rhythms of drums and screaming breaking vocal were the basis of the compositions. In the winter of 2005 the first performance (highly appreciated by the audience) took place at the “Vault in metal zone” festival.

Further the collective took part in a sequence of local concerts and festivals, and also was completed by other members: a bass guitar and a flute were added. For a long time constant changes of members did not let the band record a full album. Roughly speaking, the constant membership consisted only of 2 persons then.

The period, that started in 2014, became a resolute step forward: in that time the music evolved towards a more melodic sound. The active concert work was executed in the small homeland and in other regions. After a long preparation and various tensions, in the year 2017, the first full album “In crimson rays of past years” was published. It was released in limited edition by “Barbatos Productions”.

In the year 2018 it was decided to change the band’s name to “Leskult”, and also the membership was changed: new music started to be complemented by the atmosphere of electronic instruments. At the present time the collective is working on recording new compositions.